Little People Big Impact

I spend most of my days with the most wonderful people you'll ever meet.  They are inspirational, determined, hilarious, and perfect models of unconditional love.  They also happen to be 7 and 8 years old.  There isn't a job in the world that I could love more that being a 2nd grade teacher.

I've been a teacher for 7 years.  Every year, students have asked "why don't you have kids?"  My answer has always been "hopefully soon" and my kiddos have accepted that and moved on.  For them, it only makes sense that a teacher would have kids.  This year, its been a little different. 

Since my class found out about our video, and saw the newspaper article in the Lansing State Journal, they have been asking a lot of questions.  Mostly, they want to know if we are going to adopt a boy or a girl and if they will get to meet our baby.  My answer is always "either one" and "of course!"  Last week I was in the middle of teaching a literacy lesson and one of my kiddos raised his hands and whispered "Mrs. Hagon!"   I called on him and he asked "did you get the call yet?"  My heart melted.  They care.  They care so much. And they think adoption is so cool.  I love that.  I overheard one of my students explaining that he came out of a belly but some kids come out of adoption and he thinks that's so cool.  Again, melted.  

So, last week, after Art class, one of my kiddos approached me with a piece of paper.  He explained that he'd had some free time and wanted to help.  This is what he gave me:


Love for Adoption Behind the Scenes Part 1: Who Will be More Emotional?

Who are We? I’m Johnnie, Adrienne’s brother and Jackie is my girlfriend. We live with our yorkie Ramone just outside of Detroit. We met while working together at an ad agency and fell in love. We’ve never met a reality TV show we didn’t at least sort of like and family means more than anything to us. We’re both hoping that someone seeing all of the love put into this search will choose us and help us grow our family tree!

We’ll also be your guides behind the scenes of “Can’t Stop Believin’.” We’ll be sharing candid and intimate moments of our family and friends on the day we shot the Justin Timberlake “Can’t Stop the Feelin’” parody.

Our baby, Ramone!

Our baby, Ramone!

It was so important to Jackie and me that we take advantage of the inspiration created by the Can’t Stop Believin’ video shoot to capture candid moments of our family. These are the people that will be helping to love and nurture the newest member of our clan and it was important for us to introduce the world to them in a way that really showed that even though we don’t know who this child is yet or how he or she will join our family we all definitely know that we love them.

This inspired us to turn the camera around to give everyone a look into the personalities of the people they see dancing in the video. Troy and Adrienne’s family, both blood and borrowed, are made up of an eclectic group of people that come from every walk of life but share one critical feature. A deep love for one another. That love brought all of us to tiny Williamston, Michigan in the freezing cold to be a part of something that would change all of our lives. We didn’t know if it would be a day, or a month, or a year, or ever, but I think I can speak for everyone when I say that with the amount of love we all put into it we all felt like there was no way that baby Hagon wouldn’t be coming home soon.

Today we’re sharing the first in a series of videos that highlight family and friends answering a single question. These intimate moments really show how much love we already have for the soon to be newest member of our family.

The first question is: Who do you think will be more emotional when the call comes?

Emotions are a funny thing. Some people wear them on their sleeve and others can be more stoic. Another funny thing is that a child can turn one into the other reducing someone normally reserved to tears and stunning a more extroverted person into silence. We wanted to find out who our family thought would be more emotional when the call came through and the answers definitely surprised us.

You’ll have to watch the video to see if you agree with everyone’s answers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have an opinion of your own. Who do you think will be more emotional when the call comes?

Stay tuned; we’ll have another video with another question for the family soon. If you have questions for us or that you want to see us ask the family, email us at loveforadoption@gmail and we’ll ask it at our next family gathering.

Guest Blog: Yvonne Patterson

Making this video was a labor of love. The infertility and adoption journey can be a painful and hopeless experience for “wanna be” parents. Being Adrienne’s mom puts me close to this, as well. The worst thing for a parent is to watch your child suffer and not be able to help. It was satisfying to do something this meaningful and be joined, without hesitation, by family and friends that love this couple and feel their desire so strongly. I tear up when I think about the power of the love that was shown that day. Coming together for this one single cause, a baby, was a bonding experience unlike any other. The entire day was magical, bitter cold and kind of crazy but still magical. It’s heartwarming to watch as people join the bandwagon with their love and support.

To Adrienne and Troy I would like to say, I know it was not an easy decision to make this website and video but I believe I can speak for everyone and say, thank you for including us. Can’t stop this feeling! We believe.

Having said that, let me address the fact that this will be my first grandchild and I am excited! My kids and I have some traditions that were established when they were infants, too young to remember. One being going to Erie Orchards in the fall to pick our pumpkin right from the pumpkin patch and gather apples among other treats. After going to the orchard we would stop at an exotic animal “zoo”. I use the term loosely because it was in someone’s backyard. At their request, we continue to do this each year but it has been a long time since I have taken a little one on this adventure. I so look forward to bringing my grandchild with us to carry on the tradition! One among many!

With Love beyond compare,

Mom (Adrienne’s Mom)

Guest blog: Patti Hagon

Me and my granddaughter Kendall.

Me and my granddaughter Kendall.

Over the last few weeks since Troy and Adrienne floated the idea of a video and blog to help fulfill their desire to add to their family I have been thinking of what I would say to birth parents if I had the opportunity concerning their choice of parents for this precious little one.  That word that played over and over in my mind was “stability.”

Troy and Adrienne have stability in their relationship.  It is evident that their love for one another is strong and deep.  I see it in their interactions.  They have a deep devotion to one another and take care of the needs of the other without hesitation.

They have a strong support system which includes family consisting of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.  They are surrounded by friends, many from childhood who are very important to them.  Troy and Adrienne are surrounded by so many people who love them and would love to be a part of a child’s life.

Stability in their careers is an important aspect of Troy and Adrienne welcoming a baby into their lives. Both have been in their jobs for extended periods and the fact that Adrienne has chosen to give her time to a career including children shows the love she has for them.

A stable home is so important in raising a child.  Troy and Adrienne have a lovely home equipped with the perfect nursery to welcome a child.  A birth parent can be assured that their home is an environment full of love and laughter.

Troy and Adrienne would give a child every opportunity available and all the love that a child deserves with a support system of family and friends who are ready and waiting to welcome a little one with open arms!

Patti Hagon, 

Troy’s Mom and hopeful Grandma


We all need somebody to lean on...

You know those stories you hear about people who are struggling with something and then their friends and family rally around them to do something amazing?  The type of stories that make you tear up?  Well, that happened to US!  The journey to become parents has been a roller coaster.  We’ve been hopeful, doubtful, excited, disappointed, encouraged, the list goes on.  And on and on and on.  We’ve tried to remain positive, knowing that we are meant to be parents and that our baby is out there.  But sometimes, you can only get by with a little help from your friends.  This was one of those times.  In a big way!  

Around Christmas, the roller coaster had taken a dive.  I was talking with my girlfriends (Tera and Nikki), feeling discouraged and telling them that Troy and I were considering signing up for some new adoption websites to help us find a birth mom looking for an adoptive couple for her baby.  They mentioned, insisted, that we could do something more fun, more meaningful and more “us.”  And so the video idea was born.

In the beginning we were going to re-write a few lyrics, film a video of us singing while dancing with our friend’s kids using our iPhones.  Then, we mentioned the video to more friends and family.  That’s when it took off!   Casey jumped on board to produce the video.  Then, Adam and Nick offered to film and edit for us.  Molly spent 2 days at our house painting the nursery.  Johnnie (Adrienne’s brother) and Jackie went to work creating a website and a social media strategy. Before we knew it, Nikki was taking our photos in the recording studio.  We were seriously feeling the love!

We filmed the video on February 4th.  We had over 50 friends and family at our house to help! Our mom’s cooked for the crowd with lots of people brought extra treats.  Our neighbors brought over a pot of hot chocolate and warm brownies.  It was a fabulous, cold frigid day, and the support we felt that day still makes me tear up.  There are good people in the world.  Lots of them.  And we get to have so many of them in our lives.

Molly painting the nursery (Otis is supervising)

Molly painting the nursery (Otis is supervising)

Nikki at the Troubador Recording Studio

Nikki at the Troubador Recording Studio

Troy and Casey warming up for the video

Troy and Casey warming up for the video

Who We Are and How We Got Here

Hi!  We are Troy and Adrienne.  We live in Michigan with our little dog, Otis, and love to enjoy all that life has to offer!  On any given weekend, you might find us kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, hanging out with friends and family, running  walking in a 5k race or cheering on our favorite sports teams.  We like to travel too, especially to try the local dishes!  On Sundays we go to church and always try to keep our faith at the center of our lives.  Although we love to be on the go, we can't wait until we replace these events with t-ball or ballet class!  Troy works for the State of Michigan and Adrienne teaches 2nd grade.  

In 2008, when we got married, we discussed having biological children first, then looking into adoption.  Adoption was always something that we hoped to have in our lives, but we did not anticipate the 6 years of unsuccessful fertility treatments that followed.  This was a very difficult time for us, but it brought us closer and allowed us to discuss what was truly important to us.  It is important to us to provide a nurturing, loving and stable environment for a child, and to share in their successes, failures and everything in between.  We will show them that the best things that God has given us in life are family and friends.  Our hearts are bursting with love for a baby that we haven't met, and we cherish the possibility of becoming a Mom & Dad!