Me and my granddaughter Kendall.

Me and my granddaughter Kendall.

Over the last few weeks since Troy and Adrienne floated the idea of a video and blog to help fulfill their desire to add to their family I have been thinking of what I would say to birth parents if I had the opportunity concerning their choice of parents for this precious little one.  That word that played over and over in my mind was “stability.”

Troy and Adrienne have stability in their relationship.  It is evident that their love for one another is strong and deep.  I see it in their interactions.  They have a deep devotion to one another and take care of the needs of the other without hesitation.

They have a strong support system which includes family consisting of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins.  They are surrounded by friends, many from childhood who are very important to them.  Troy and Adrienne are surrounded by so many people who love them and would love to be a part of a child’s life.

Stability in their careers is an important aspect of Troy and Adrienne welcoming a baby into their lives. Both have been in their jobs for extended periods and the fact that Adrienne has chosen to give her time to a career including children shows the love she has for them.

A stable home is so important in raising a child.  Troy and Adrienne have a lovely home equipped with the perfect nursery to welcome a child.  A birth parent can be assured that their home is an environment full of love and laughter.

Troy and Adrienne would give a child every opportunity available and all the love that a child deserves with a support system of family and friends who are ready and waiting to welcome a little one with open arms!

Patti Hagon, 

Troy’s Mom and hopeful Grandma