I spend most of my days with the most wonderful people you'll ever meet.  They are inspirational, determined, hilarious, and perfect models of unconditional love.  They also happen to be 7 and 8 years old.  There isn't a job in the world that I could love more that being a 2nd grade teacher.

I've been a teacher for 7 years.  Every year, students have asked "why don't you have kids?"  My answer has always been "hopefully soon" and my kiddos have accepted that and moved on.  For them, it only makes sense that a teacher would have kids.  This year, its been a little different. 

Since my class found out about our video, and saw the newspaper article in the Lansing State Journal, they have been asking a lot of questions.  Mostly, they want to know if we are going to adopt a boy or a girl and if they will get to meet our baby.  My answer is always "either one" and "of course!"  Last week I was in the middle of teaching a literacy lesson and one of my kiddos raised his hands and whispered "Mrs. Hagon!"   I called on him and he asked "did you get the call yet?"  My heart melted.  They care.  They care so much. And they think adoption is so cool.  I love that.  I overheard one of my students explaining that he came out of a belly but some kids come out of adoption and he thinks that's so cool.  Again, melted.  

So, last week, after Art class, one of my kiddos approached me with a piece of paper.  He explained that he'd had some free time and wanted to help.  This is what he gave me: